Questions about

Walker's Overlook

1. What is the size of the dinner table and linen required?

Five Foot Round, Seat Eight People, One Hundred Twenty Inches Linen

2.  What size are the high top tables?

Three Foot Round, One Hundred Eight-One, Hundred Twenty Inches Linen

3.  Who caters my party?

We can offer a preferred caterer list or you may use your own caterer.

4. Do you provide staff to decorate?

Our staff will help guide you to find the best possible means to accomplish your decorations desires.

5.  If a decoration is not in the contract, can we still use them?

You may use them if they have been preapproved by our staff.  We try to accommodate whenever possible.

6.  Is there lighting in the structure?

There is up-lighting and there are bistro lights.

7.  How many people does your facility hold?

We can seat 300 people.

8.  What tables do you provide?

We provide dinner, bar, high top, sweetheart, cake, gift, place card, and appetizer tables.

9.  What type of chairs do you provide?

We have white wooden chairs for the ceremony, walnut colored Chivari chairs for the reception, and hunter green well padded folding chairs for less formal parties.

10. Do you provide table linens?

We do not provide table linens.  If the caterer does not provide them you may get them from a rental company.    

Mark H. Lynch

8939 Woodsboro Pike, Walkersville, MD 21793, United States

(301) 748-5667

11. Is a sound system available?

We currently have a sound system that may be heard through speakers in each room of the house and inside the structure.

12. Is there a projector available for the party?

There is a projector and screen available for use.

13. Who works with the  vendors  on the day of my event?

Prior to your event we will gather your vendor names and contact information and one of our facility coordinators will be in contact with them to help facilitate their needs on the day of your event.

14. Is a valet included with the facility rental?

We do not typically provide valets, however that is a service that can be contracted out.

15. Can I have an outdoor fire?

Fires are permitted with written pre-approval from the management.

16. How much staff do you provide for my event?

We will provide one proprietor and one facility coordinator for your event.

17. How late can music be played

Your deejay or band should begin breakdown 30 minutes prior to the end of the party.

18. How much amperage is available in the structure?

100 amps are available with plenty of receptacles.

19. Are candles allowed as center pieces inside the structure?

Candles are allowed as long as they are contained in candleholders or other glass structures.

Please call us at (301) 748-5667 or email at

Walker's Overlook